Why is my water consumption usage high?

With the installation of the new water meters', residents may see the impact of more accurate readings. After a meter has been in place for many years it tends to slow down and not properly record water flowing through the meter. Some of the meters within the City have been in place for many years and more than likely were not accurately measuring water consumption. Now that the new meters have been installed they are now recording every gallon flowing through the meter. Because of this, customers may see an increase in their monthly water consumption notated on their water bill.

Yes, sometimes an increase in water consumption gives indication that there may be a leak in one of the toilets within the home or business. City staff may give suggestions as to what to check for. Helpful information on what to look for can be found on the Water Leaks page.

City staff has performed spot check re-reads to check the accuracy of the AMI water meters in place. All re-reads came back accurate.

If you have questions regarding your specific water bill, please contact the Utility Department at 281-388-4260.

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