Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 140 miles of water mains within the Alvin city limits. This division is responsible for repair and maintenance of water mains and water wells. 

View The City of Alvin's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report .

Utility Procedures & Information

Water Leaks

The City of Alvin is responsible for maintenance and repairs inside the water meter box portion of the water service connection that runs from the city main to the gasket on the customer's side of the water meter, regardless of whether the meter is located in the front, side or back yards of a lot. Should a resident experience a water leak, please contact the Public Works department at 281-388-4325. If the water leak is determined to be private, the Utility Technician will advise the resident to contact a plumber.

Rusty Water Problems

Rusty water is caused by high iron and manganese levels which is in all ground water sources. While iron and manganese are not harmful, high amounts of these minerals may stain laundry or plumbing fixtures. Should a resident experience rusty water problems, they should contact the Public Works Department at 281-388-4325 to report the problem. A City of Alvin - Utility Technician will be dispatched to the site to determine the cause and if applicable, will flush the water distribution mains within the affected area.

Low or No Water Pressure

If the problem is not caused by disconnection due to non-payment or work being done in the area, a City of Alvin - Utility Technician will be dispatched to the site and investigate the problem.

Testing of Water Quality

The City of Alvin performs all TCEQ required water quality testing. For any further questions or concerns please contact Johnny Arredondo, Utility Superintendent at 281-388-4335 or email Johnny Arredondo.