Street Division

The Street Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 180 miles of streets contained within the Alvin city limits. 


Duties include:

  • Street, storm sewer and sidewalk maintenance and repair
  • Drainage improvements
  • Sign maintenance and replacement
  • Street striping 
  • Patching of potholes

Divisional personnel also do street right-of-way mowing and trimming, street sweeping, traffic light maintenance and, in times of emergency, provides extensive repair and cleanup services throughout the community.

Street Maintenance Program

The City has an annual Street Maintenance Program to restore several streets within the city each year. For the remainder of the streets, maintenance crews will patch and repair the smaller areas on an as-need basis. If you know of a problem, please contact the Public Services Department at 281-388-4325.

Traffic Lights

The City of Alvin Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of traffic lights at five intersections throughout the city limits of Alvin. Those intersections are:

  • South Street and Hood Street
  • South Street and Johnson Street
  • Sealy Street and Johnson Street
  • Sealy Street and Second Street 
  • House Street and Hood Street

All other Traffic Lights in intersections within the city limits are owned and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. If a problem is noted with a city owned and maintained traffic light, please contact the City of Alvin Public Works Department at 281-388-4325 and report the location. If a problem occurs with a State Highway Department traffic light, please contact their offices at 713-802-5662 or via their website.

Street Lights

  • The City's Engineering Department, which can be reached at 281-388-4351 or 281-388-4271, handles all requests for installation of Street Lights.
  • Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) Company replaces any burned out or malfunctioning light bulbs. Should you notice a non-working streetlight, please report the location to TNMP by calling 1-888-866-7456 or 281-996-0453 or via their website.
  • CenterPoint Energy maintains all non-working street lights in the Somerset, Stevenwood and Morgans Landing Subdivisions. They also maintain the light poles on Whitlock and Verhalen Road Should you notice a non-working street light in those areas please contact CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 or via their website.

Street Sweeping

The City of Alvin Public Services Department has a regularly scheduled street sweeping program for all curb and gutter streets. Citizens can help with the effectiveness of such services by not parking in the street on curb and gutter streets during those hours whenever possible.

View our Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF).