Sewer & Wastewater Treatment Division


The Sewer Division has approximately 140 miles of sewer mains within the Alvin city limits. This division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of leaks, sewer stoppages.

Sewer Stoppage Information

The City of Alvin is responsible for maintenance on the portion of a sanitary sewer service line that runs from the city main to the customer's private property line in street right-of-way or alleys and from the main to the edge of an easement where service connections exist in the back yards of connected structures. Should a customer experience sewer problems, please contact Public Services at 281-388-4325, if afterhours, contact the non-emergency Police Department line at 281-388-4370.

Helpful Tip

Do not operate a washing machine or dishwasher while experiencing a sewer problem. The force created by either of these devices when pumping the water into the sewer line could cause sewage to overflow from other devices such as toilets, sinks, etc. which could leak to damage floors or carpeting.

Wastewater Treatment

This division is responsible for the operation of the city's activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, which began operation in 1985. The plant is monitored at the State level by TCEQ in accordance with permit Number WQ0010005001. For more information regarding the WWTP process, please contact Public Services at 281-388-4325.