Backflow Testing Program

Program Guidelines

The City of Alvin has established a Backflow Testing Program to help assure that backflow prevention devices protecting the City water system from potential health hazards are tested annually. The program requires that property owners (primarily industrial and commercial) are responsible for maintaining backflow prevention devices in good working order and providing annual test reports as proof of compliance.


The City of Alvin Utilities Department has an annual test requirement for backflow prevention devices that protect the public water supply from contamination by health hazards. Backflow testing is the backflow owner's responsibility and is paid for by the owner. Owners may choose testers or testing companies to perform annual backflow testing that meet the following requirements:

  • The tester used must be currently licensed by TCEQ and registered with Aqua Backflow.
  • The pressure gauge used by the tester must be within the expiration period for annual calibration.
  • Backflow devices on firelines must be tested by a state licensed backflow tester employed by a fireline testing company. (Many fireline testing companies will also test backflows or irrigation and domestic lines).


The City of Alvin uses a vendor, to keep electronic records of backflow testing information. Backflow test reports, tester licensing, and gauge information are entered by testers or testing company representatives online via the internet in the AquaBackflow database. AquaBackflow sends testing due and overdue notices to customers with the last tester of record listed on the letter as a convenience. Testing is due on the same date every month and not a year from the last test date.

For an up-to-date list of companies and testers registered to do online entry of test reports through AquaBackflow, please email AquaBackflow, call 847-214-9696, or visit the website.


Failure of an owner to have annual backflow testing performed and reported to the City will result in escalated enforcement measures that may include termination of water service per City Ordinance. Property owners may delegate testing activities to tenants, site managers, or property managers; however, the property owner is responsible and will be held accountable for compliance in enforcement proceedings. Correspondence and enforcement notifications will be addressed to the party receiving the water bill for the address with the noncompliance.

Please remind your testing company to adhere to the following procedures when submitting backflow assembly test reports.

Testers & Testing Companies

All backflow assembly test reports for existing and replacement backflow devices must be submitted via the Aqua Backflow's site.

Residents can view a detailed list of backflow testing companies registered with the City of Alvin here: Backflow Testing Companies.

All testing companies are required to submit test reports within 48 hours of test date. Failure to do so will result in enforcement notification of the customer regarding the noncompliant status of their device. If not entered online the ultimate escalation of enforcement is termination of customer water service.

Please remember to obtain the Customer Confirmation Number (CCN) from your customer notification letter located at the top of the reminder or overdue letter received. The CCN number is needed by the backflow tester in order to access records in the AquaBackflow online system. If the number is lost or unknown please contact AquaBackflow.


If you have questions that cannot be answered by the contractor, please contact the Public Services Department at 281-388-4325 or by email Johnny Arredondo.