Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the act of impersonating another or the co-option of another person's personal information without that person's knowledge and the fraudulent use of such knowledge.

Identity theft has been the fastest growing area of crime for the past seven years. 

Sensitive Information

Offenders may use your personal information to commit identity fraud, such as:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Credit card number
  • Passport
  • Bank account information

How Information is Used

  • Identity theft may involve someone else using your personal information to:
  • Create fraudulent accounts
  • Change information on your personal accounts
  • Charge items to your existing accounts
  • Misrepresent themselves as being you
  • Getting a job

Please be aware that the Alvin Police Department usually only investigates crimes that occur in Alvin. If someone has committed a crime against you in other cities and counties, you will need to make a separate report with the law enforcement agency of that community.

Click these links for Federal Trade Commission ID Theft documents in English and Spanish.

How to Report

If you feel you may be a victim of identity theft or would like information on preventing identity theft, please review the Identity Fraud Reporting Guide (PDF). You may also find additional information at the Federal Trade Commission website addressing identity theft.