Crime Prevention

Questions pertaining to crime prevention can be answered and solutions developed by contacting Officer Amy Winebrenner, the Alvin Police Department's Crime Prevention Officer, at 281-585-7171. Ofc. Winebrenner can provide presentations to neighborhood groups and businesses on:

  • How to make your home or business less penetrable.
  • How to react in the event of a break-in. 
  • Ways to properly mark and identify your personal property.

She can also give great advice on how not to be the victim of a "scam" or other types of crimes. 

Youth Programs

Ofc. Winebrenner also has programs for children of all ages and can teach them the values of staying in school and getting an education, saying no to drugs and gangs, and how to stay safe.

The Police Department encourages individuals, groups of concerned parents and citizens, as well as businesses, civic groups and entire neighborhoods, to contact Ofc. Winebrenner for some of her insight and expertise.

Citizen's Policy Academy ProgramRadar trailer showing an indicator to stay at a Speed Limit of 20

Ofc. Winebrenner also serves as Coordinator for our Citizen's Police Academy Program. The goal of this program is to develop, in our citizens, a working knowledge and better understanding of the Alvin Police Department.

Operation ID

Operation ID is a program in which citizens mark their property for more efficient recovery in case of theft. View Operation ID forms (PDF) for more information.

Radar Trailer Reports

Individual reports on the areas where the radar trailer has been set up are available.

Camera Registration

  1. The Camera Registration program is designed to collect locations of private exterior-facing cameras in neighborhoods. By voluntarily registering your camera we will be able to contact you to request you check for suspicious activity that may have been caught on your camera. 

    This program does not give police access to your camera system. Nor does it place cameras on your home. It allows the department to build a list of citizens with existing cameras who are willing to help in the event video may be available for an incident in their neighborhoods.

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