Police Department

The Alvin Police Department was formed in 1950, replacing a city marshal system of law enforcement.

The Department has had 11 full-time chiefs of police in its six decades of existence. Currently, the Alvin Police Department consists of 93 paid members, 60 of which are sworn police officers (including the Chief of Police), with the remaining 33 employees holding civilian positions. With an annual operating budget of approximately $9.8 million, the Alvin Police Department offers a variety of services to improve the public safety and quality of life in our community.

Texas Police Chiefs Association, Best Practices Recognition Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alvin Police Department is to be the model of excellence in policing by working in partnership with the community to fight crime and the fear of crime, enforce laws and enhance the quality of life while safeguarding the Constitutional Rights of all people. We are committed to providing outstanding service to all our residents and visitors alike and maintaining a work environment in which we continuously recruit, train and develop an exceptional team of employees who possess honor, integrity and compassion.

Vision Statement

Exceptional Team, Exceptional Service.

2022 Annual Report

The latest Alvin Police Department Annual Report has been released!

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