City Council

Meeting Information

Regular Meetings

  • 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month
  • 7:00 pm
  • 216 West Sealy, Alvin, Texas - Council Chambers - 2nd Floor

Special Meetings and Workshops are held as called.  

To sign up to address the City Council, the speaker can sign up in person on the appropriate form before the start of any regular City Council meeting. If Council action on the item to be discussed is desired, the item must be included as a posted item on the agenda.

Agendas & Minutes

View agendas for the City Council

Council group photo 2023-24
  1. G. Adame 2023

    Gabe Adame


    Term through May 2026

  1. C. Vaughn 21 r

    Chris Vaughn

    Mayor Pro-tem, Councilmember District B

    Term through May 2024

  1. Moore 21 r

    Keko Moore

    Councilmember At Large 1

    Term through May 2024

  1. J. Castro 2023

    Joel Castro

    Councilmember At Large 2

    Term through May 2025

  1. Vela 21_R

    Martin Vela

    Councilmember District A

    Term through May 2025

  1. R. Garivey 2023

    Richard Garivey

    Councilmember District C

    Term through May 2024

  1. Starkey 21 R

    Glenn Starkey

    Councilmember District D

    Term through May 2025

  1. M. DeKeyzer 2023

    Meagan DeKeyzer

    Councilmember District E

    Term through May 2026

Strategic Planning Document

In January 2021, the mayor, city council and city staff began working with Ron Cox of Ron Cox consulting in an effort to create a strategic planning document for the city. The purpose of this plan is to enhance the city's overall governance model and ensure that the elected body and members of staff have a unified vision and mission in place to lead and guide our city forward.

Meeting Rebroadcasts

The Alvin Community College (ACC) rebroadcasts City Council Meetings on Channel 16 Comcast. The schedule is as follows: Monday through Wednesday 8 am (Channel 16 Comcast) Thursday 7 pm (Channel 16 Comcast - nights without a council meeting) Saturday 7 pm (Channel 16 Comcast).

City Council Meeting Video Archive