City Secretary

General Information & Role in City Government

The City Secretary's office posts all required notices to the public, prepares agendas and keeps minutes of all City Council and Committee meetings. This office works closely with City Council to provide adequate opportunity for Council's review of each agenda posted; provides adequate support materials for each agenda item and properly maintains the proceedings of the Council through preparing and posting minutes of each meeting. 

Any individual or group wishing to speak before City Council at a City Council Meeting should complete the Petition or Request from the Public Form (PDF). The form must be submitted to the City Secretary prior to the start of said City Council meeting.

Please review the Citizen Participation Rules and Procedures (PDF) document for City Council meeting decorum.

Boards & Commissions

Serving on a City board or commission offers an excellent opportunity to provide input and insight for the improvement of the City's operations and the community. The time commitment is minimal, but the opportunity to make a difference is significant. 

Membership on City boards or commissions is open to all Alvin residents. Service is voluntary and without monetary compensation. Please visit the Board and Commissions for more information.

Public Information Request

The City Secretary is the custodian of all records. Anyone wanting to request public information is asked to fill out an Application for Public Information and return the completed form to the City Secretary's Office. Visit the Public Information page for more information.