Promotional Programs

Sponsor a petSponsor a Pet

This program is open to businesses, organizations, families, or anyone who wants to sponsor a pet! Help a homeless pet by teaming up with the Alvin Animal Adoption Center. 

The Alvin Animal Adoption Center is responsible for taking in the homeless pets of Alvin. We save them from the streets and provide them with care until we are able to find them new families. 

Our adoption fees cover:

  • Sterilization (spay or neuter)
  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Flea medication
  • Basic vaccinations

When we are able to find sponsors for the sterilization of these pets, we are able to lower the adoption fee and increase the chance of adoption for that pet. 

Making a Donation

By donating $85 toward the sterilization of a dog or $65 toward the sterilization of a cat, you can make a difference! We will post a flyer on that pet's kennel stating your organization sponsored the sterilization, post it on our Facebook page, and provide you with a flyer to display at your facility. 

Don't hesitate - there are many pets counting on you!

To participate, call 281-388-4331 or email us


  1. If you are unable to adopt a shelter pet, there are other ways to help!

    Shelter Donations

    Donations to the shelter can be made over the phone at 281-388-4331, in person at the shelter at 550 W Highway 6 in Alvin, or sent to our mailing address 1500 S Gordon Street, Alvin.

    Veterinary Donations

    You can donate directly to our medical fund at the Veterinary Hospital of Alvin to help with our pets needing special medical attention. Donations may be made by phone at 281-331-6158 or in person at 1401 FM 1462 in Alvin.

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