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Alvin Animal Adoption Center (AAAC) Fact Sheet - Calendar Year 2019

1639 in-takes which consisted mostly of cats, dogs, wildlife, and livestock

Save Rates

  • Dog save rate 94%
    • 37 euthanized - aggressive, sick, rabies testing, or combination thereof
  • Cat save rate 53%
    • 183 euthanized - aggressive, feral, sick, or combination thereof

Save rates are calculated dividing the number of live releases (adoption, rescue, returned to owner, or outside agency) by the number of dispositions (total intakes not inclusive of owner requested euthanasia, died in custody, deceased upon intake, etc.).

Summary of Saved Animals

  • 227 dogs adopted
  • 82 dogs released to rescue groups
  • 329 dogs reunited with their owners
  • 86 transferred to an outside agency (such as Houston Humane Society and various SPCAs)
  • 242 cats adopted
  • 18 cats released to rescue groups
  • 19 cats reunited with their owners
  • 69 cats transferred to an outside agency (such as Houston Humane Society and various SPCAs)

Volunteer Program

The AAAC has a volunteer program that consists of approximately 200 active volunteers with approximately 20 volunteers performing duties regularly (daily/weekly).

  • City employees and volunteers have created and continue to facilitate a foster program.
  • AAAC placed 122 animals resulting from coordination with over 50 rescues.
  • AAAC requires that adopted animals are spayed/neutered in addition to receiving vaccinations, deworming, and receiving flea preventative care.
  • AAAC staff and/or volunteers facilitated adoption awareness at more than 30 offsite events in the past year, including but not limited to:
    • Paws at the Pool - Bob S Owen Pool
    • Home for the Holidays - National Oak Park
    • Puppy Pals - Alvin Library (monthly)
    • Kids' Safe Summer Event - Iowa Colony
    • Taco Truck Showdown fundraiser - AAAC
    • Clear the Shelters - AAAC
    • Market Depot Days - National Oak Park

Special Services

  • AAAC frequently offers specials on adoptions by utilizing donated funds in an effort to offset the cost to the new owner.
  • At the request of a citizen, AAAC provides animal traps and pick up services.
  • A professional staff of 7, receive approximately 130 hours of training per year.


Donate (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc.) Opens in new windowDonations can be made by check to the City of Alvin and delivered to City Hall, AAAC, the Police Department or by using Paypal . Donations for animal medical care can be made directly to the Veterinary Hospital of Alvin. Non-monetary donations (food, fundraising items, etc.) can be made directly at AAAC located at 550 W Highway 6 in Alvin.